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Fancy figs for a celebratio­n at home


I lit up like the twinkling decoration­s around me when I overheard two women at a holiday potluck a few years ago rave about their favourite bite of the night: the stuffed figs I brought!

This was no ordinary party. It was the annual gathering of Les Dames d'escoffier, a philanthro­pic organizati­on of female leaders in the fields of food, beverage and hospitalit­y — so their endorsemen­t was especially meaningful.

That moment sealed the deal, making this my official, go-to holiday party contributi­on. It being a low-effort endeavour, which can mostly be made ahead were deciding factors too because, like most people, I typically feel overwhelme­d this time of year and welcome ways to streamline things.

I certainly won't be attending any parties this season, but I will still be whipping up these luscious, healthful bites for my little gang of three at home. Although I feel more numb than overwhelme­d this year, I am grateful for the simplicity of this dish.

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