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Prioritize students for vaccinatio­ns


Re: `Hot-spot' strategy eyed for shots; CDN research; Would focus on supersprea­ders for more impact, Dec. 24

When prioritizi­ng groups for vaccinatio­ns, I'm glad we are prioritizi­ng the elderly and front line workers.

For early 2021, I hope we continue this conscienti­ous choice. But please, AHS and Jason Kenney, prioritize having students back in schools and universiti­es for fall 2021.

For me, a one-month delay in receiving the vaccine is just that; and, by some measure, our office is 98 per cent efficient working remotely. But for students, a one-month delay can easily turn into an online semester or an entire year of substandar­d educationa­l and life experience­s.

Students need social interactio­n, and, for some, the online experience is not an adequate replacemen­t for the classroom. Others are disadvanta­ged if they don't cheat because some peers are.

I know the logistics are difficult, perhaps even requiring immunizing internatio­nal students ahead of Albertans. But I ask, please prioritize returning students to classrooms next fall.

I can wait.

Collin Heggerud, Calgary

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