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A former U.S. Navy analyst who spent 30 years in prison for passing secret military intelligen­ce to Israel arrived there yesterday to a hero's welcome from Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's prime minister.

Jonathan Pollard, 66, one of the most prolific spies in US history, was greeted by Netanyahu holding Israeli

ID cards for him and his wife after they were released from parole travel restrictio­ns by the Trump administra­tion.

“You're home,” the prime minister said, after reciting a Hebrew blessing of thanks.

In the Eighties, as a U.S. Navy analyst, Pollard sold classified documents to the Israelis in exchange for thousands of dollars per month.

His informatio­n helped Israel identify and attack the Palestine Liberation Organizati­on headquarte­rs in Tunis in 1985. That same year he was arrested by the FBI while trying to claim asylum at the Israeli embassy in Washington.

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