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Sir Anthony Hopkins has shared a message of encouragem­ent for fans struggling with substance abuse, urging them to “hang in there” as he marks 45 years of sobriety.

The Silence of the Lambs star, who turns 83 today, took to Twitter this week to celebrate his milestone with a blackand-white video, in which he recalled hitting his lowest point in his battle with the bottle.

“New Year's coming, it's been a tough year full of grief and sadness for many, many people,” Hopkins began. “Forty-five years ago today, I had a wake-up call,” he continued. “I was heading for disaster, drinking myself to death. I'm not preachy, but I got a message. A little thought that said, `Do you want to live or die?' And I said, `I want to live.' And suddenly the relief came and my life has been amazing.”

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