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A five-day party for 150 people hosted by Brazilian soccer star Neymar, pictured, is drawing scrutiny from local prosecutor­s, but Mangaratib­a town officials said on Wednesday they can do nothing to stop the bash. Brazilian media said the Paris Saint Germain striker is hosting a party in Mangaratib­a, a beachside town around 105 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, but his public relations team was quoted as saying he was only a guest. Reports said he bought a disused hangar for the event and required all guests to give up their phones to prevent photos and videos leaking. The 28-year-old has received widespread condemnati­on for the event. However, the mayor's office in Mangaratib­a said it cannot legislate private parties, adding “in the middle of a pandemic it is a question of each citizen's responsibi­lity and good sense” whether to host parties.

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