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Child care benefits the entire family

Re: It's time to recognize the true value of child care, Opinion, May 5

Thank you for stating all the positives of child care. It has been proven that quality child care is beneficial to children's early learning. If a parent chooses to stay home with their child(ren), I recommend sending the children to play/preschools.

Both my husband and I worked full time and both of us, at different times, went to school while our children were growing up. My second career was in child care. I was very fortunate to work in quality, accredited daycares.

We believe that all women should have the same choices as men, to work or go to school or be a stay-at-home parent. That choice is made easier when quality, affordable child care is offered. It's better for the families and the economy. There is another side to having affordable child care. It's extremely important for single-parent families, and low-income families, as well.

Susan Creelman, Calgary

Let's all get through pandemic together

The police are doing a fine job during the most difficult of circumstan­ces. So let them do their job. And stop interferin­g with others because they aren't wearing a bicycle helmet or a mask when walking outside by themselves or harassing others in grocery stores because you feel it is your dispositio­n to do so.

Please be nice to one another and try not to be a bully and maybe just maybe we can all get through this and resume our lives.

Dennis J. Gordica, Calgary

K-country created for all Albertans

Re: Kananaskis fees a money grab by UCP, Letter, May 4

Nigel Higenbotta­m awaits the end of the pandemic so that undeservin­g “make-believe adventurer­s and pavement tourists” will leave Kananaskis to those to whom it rightly belongs: “true wilderness lovers” like him.

What makes someone a true wilderness lover? Is it enough to be a hiker or a skier, or do you have to bushwhack 30 kilometres a day?

If you like to take your lawn chair, binoculars and bird guide to unwind in K-country, or have a picnic with your family because being in the mountains gives you joy, are you a shameful example of human clutter? Mr. Higenbotta­m rightly states that K-country was created for the enjoyment of Albertans, and I'm pretty sure Peter Lougheed didn't have only me-first elitists in mind. Susan Lorimer, Calgary


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