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Hoping curriculum can be salvaged


I write as a person with several different roles: a parent, an aunt, a teacher and a citizen. I have over 20 years of experience teaching in our public education system — from kindergart­en to Grade 4.

When I heard the government was pulling back the 2018 curriculum to work further on it, it honestly wasn't something that concerned me. I trusted the government would leave it to the educators, perhaps tightening up some of the conceptual and procedural knowledge. In no way did I believe that the entire curriculum, which was worked on for years, would be completely disbanded. Instead, we were given a document that is poorly organized and written.

We want our children to have the best education. We all have a job to make sure that Alberta is the best place to live in. I have always had trust that the Albertan government is there to make our province a better place.

I am still hopeful.

Andrea Neufeld, Calgary

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