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Silvera for Seniors’ mixed-market housing strategy is key to the organizati­on’s sustainabi­lity.

The non-profit organizati­on is widely known as a provider of housing for low-income seniors. While that is still Silvera’s focus, it recently started relying more on revenue generated from market-priced rental suites to support reinvestme­nt into its affordable housing portfolio, says Kyle Fawcett, Silvera’s chief external relations officer.

“All levels of government — national, provincial and civic — are looking for innovative ways to leverage the expertise and financial resources of housing operators, both non-profits and forprofits,” he says.

Silvera certainly has support in Calgary, as it won Gold in the 2023-24 Calgary Herald and Sun Readers’ Choice Awards for Favourite Seniors’ Residence.

Many seniors are attracted to Silvera because of its strong, 61year reputation in the seniors housing sector, says Fawcett, adding that some are looking for, and able to pay, marketpric­ed rents.

Silvera currently has 1,750 units of seniors housing in Calgary and will add 47 more affordable-living units in north Calgary’s Livingston­e in early 2024. Currently, the 92-unit Westview Town Suites in Glamorgan is Silvera’s only fully market-priced, supportive community. Rents start at $2,900 per month, including three daily chef-inspired meals, weekly housekeepi­ng and Silvera’s Life, Learning and Leisure programs.

Westview Residence West, adjacent to the Westview Town Suites, is an independen­t-living building containing 82 suites, 57 at market prices and 25 at below-market, affordable-living rates.

Willow Park on the

Bow in Bridgeland is slowly transition­ing to 75 competitiv­ely priced market suites and 75 at below-market rates under a new arrangemen­t with the Government of Alberta.

Fawcett says the challenge is to ensure all new residents moving into a seniors’ residence face fewer day-to-day pressures and enjoy increased independen­ce. Silvera has seen a 50 per cent increase in housing inquiries year-over-year, with the biggest growth in demand coming from women over age 85.

The Readers’ Choice award, he says, verifies for Silvera’s almost 400 staff that the work they do each day matters to residents. Employees want to ensure that residents “are living their best lives. It’s important to every employee that we are doing it at a very high level,” says Fawcett.

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 ?? SUPPLIED ?? Silvera for Seniors has 1,750 units of seniors housing at various locations throughout Calgary.
SUPPLIED Silvera for Seniors has 1,750 units of seniors housing at various locations throughout Calgary.

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