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Not all the lu­natics are in the asy­lum. Why? Be­cause fed­eral prison of­fi­cials are pro­vid­ing nee­dles to pris­on­ers so they can in­ject them­selves with il­le­gal drugs. Now, doug Ford, pre­mier of On­tario, is be­ing crit­i­cized for damn­ing the use of in­jec­tion sites in prison and in Cana­dian cities. Con­don­ing drug use is the most il­log­i­cal way to com­bat North amer­ica’s opi­oid epi­demic. But what else would work?

the drug prob­lem is like a can­cer­ous growth that kills not just peo­ple. look at what has hap­pened in Mex­ico and Colom­bia. drug lords have amassed so much money they can bribe politi­cians, lawyers and the po­lice. In ef­fect, if not elim­i­nated, il­le­gal drugs can even­tu­ally de­stroy so­ci­ety as surely as ma­lig­nancy kills pa­tients. But will we ever learn from history?

Pro­vid­ing nee­dles and drugs to pris­on­ers is like giv­ing an al­co­holic an­other drink. He, or she, will keep com­ing back for an­other one. It also cre­ates an­other bureau­cracy. and in the end, bureau­cracy needs the ad­dicts for their em­ploy­ment, more than the ad­dicts need the bureau­cracy! Some read­ers may think drug in­jec­tion sites work. If that’s the case, why are 42,000 ad­dicts, just in one Cana­dian prov­ince, lin­ing up ev­ery week for methadone treat­ment, cost­ing tens of mil­lions of dol­lars to over­bur­dened tax­pay­ers?

So what would be ef­fec­tive in com­bat­ing the use of il­le­gal drugs? I have bad news for Ford’s po­lit­i­cal crit­ics, bleed­ing hearts, and do-good­ers, in this coun­try. you will con­tinue to lose the war on drugs un­less you bring back the death sen­tence. and with the cur­rent opi­oid epi­demic, the need for cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment has never been more ob­vi­ous.

years ago, in an ad­dress to the Em­pire Club of toronto, I com­plained that the court sys­tem has proven to be too in­ef­fi­cient for il­le­gal drug deal­ers. that the so­lu­tion was the cre­ation of a spe­cial court to deal quickly with those caught push­ing il­le­gal drugs. In other words, the an­swer was lee Kuan yew’s “Sin­ga­pore So­lu­tion.” lee, for­mer prime min­is­ter of Sin­ga­pore, be­lieved that you don’t show your teeth if you’re not pre­pared to bite. He de­cided to hang drug deal­ers un­til they heard this mes­sage, and it worked.

But is it such an im­moral and un­eth­i­cal crime to hang drug deal­ers? af­ter all, drug deal­ers are adding Fen­ty­nal to opi­ate drugs that kill thou­sands of North amer­i­cans. It’s a lethal drug com­bi­na­tion that ends lives just as surely as pulling the trigger of a loaded gun.

Shake­speare was right when he wrote in the play Ham­let, “diseases des­per­ate grown by des­per­ate ap­pli­ance are re­lieved. Or not at all.”

Ford has his crit­ics. I’m sure they’ll vi­ciously use ev­ery means to at­tack his opin­ion on su­per­vised drug-use sites. But he’s dead right on this is­sue and I hope he doesn’t back away from this im­por­tant fight. More­over, Ford should know the ma­jor­ity of feed­back that I re­ceive from read­ers con­veys this im­por­tant mes­sage. they’re op­posed to the po­lit­i­cally cor­rect, but in­ef­fec­tive, ap­proach to fight this un­prece­dented drug epi­demic.

I don’t know whether Ford has vis­ited Sin­ga­pore. But if he has, he has seen a clean and ef­fi­cient so­ci­ety. the rules are well known and if you break them, you’re held re­spon­si­ble. He’d also hear its crit­i­cism that our so­ci­ety has be­come “ir­re­spon­si­bly per­mis­sive.”

It’s my hope that Ford’s ef­forts to fight this can­cer­ous growth of il­le­gal drugs and more in­jec­tion sites will re­ceive over­whelm­ing pub­lic sup­port. Our so­ci­ety has sunk to a new low when some peo­ple and or­ga­ni­za­tions be­lieve that pris­on­ers have the right to con­tinue an il­le­gal act even when in­car­cer­ated.

History shows that more money, more so­cial work­ers, and in­jec­tion sites will end in fail­ure. as aris­to­tle preached, “pun­ish­ment is a form of medicine.” Even the Bible is loaded with quotes de­mand­ing death for a va­ri­ety of im­moral acts. So what’s the choice? you ei­ther learn from lee, aris­to­tle, sage words of cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment from the Bible, and now the po­lit­i­cal opin­ion of Ford, or so­ci­ety de­scends into chaos.

I’ll report what you think. ED­I­TOR’S NOTE: The col­umn does not con­sti­tute med­i­cal ad­vice and is not meant to di­ag­nose, treat, pre­vent or cure dis­ease. Please con­tact your doctor. The in­for­ma­tion pro­vided is for in­for­ma­tional pur­poses only and are the views solely of the au­thor. See For com­ments;


Or­ange fenc­ing sur­rounds a su­per­vised in­jec­tion site in Toronto.

dr. gif­ford JONES

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