Jeremy re­acts to be­ing blind­sided by unan­i­mous vote

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the Go­liath tribe have reigned supreme, dom­i­nat­ing the beaches of Fiji with their com­pet­i­tive strength and im­mu­nity chal­lenge dom­i­nance since Sur­vivor: David vs Go­liath first be­gan. but their nine-day lead came to an abrupt halt this week when the favoured tribe was forced to head to tribal coun­cil for the first time this sea­son, re­sult­ing in a ma­jor clash of egos and the ouster of 40-year-old New york at­tor­ney Jeremy Craw­ford.

af­ter snoop­ing through tribe­mate dan ren­ger­ing’s jacket to find an im­mu­nity idol and urg­ing his tribe not to dis­cuss strat­egy so early in the game, the opin­ion­ated player be­gan to raise sus­pi­cion through­out the group of Go­liaths, who started to view Jeremy as a long-term threat.

de­spite their com­plete frus­tra­tion with sea­son vil­lain and pub­lish­ing ceO Natalie cole, who alien­ated her­self through her ag­gres­sive at­ti­tude, they ul­ti­mately chose to blind­side Jeremy with a unan­i­mous vote in­stead. but not be­fore Natalie and Jeremy squared off in a heated tribal coun­cil, where they at­tempted to sell the other as the big­gest threat.

“they could prob­a­bly sell last night’s tribal, be­cause it was ac­tu­ally a lot longer and Natalie and I went at it a lot more,” craw­ford said with a laugh the morn­ing af­ter his elim­i­na­tion episode aired.

“but it wasn’t too in­tense to watch be­cause Natalie said what she had to say, and I said what I had to say. I like open di­a­logue, whether it’s loud or not. I like it when peo­ple can say things to your face.”

although his exit was a well-ex­e­cuted sur­prise, Jeremy still had a feel­ing he would see his name writ­ten down at tribal coun­cil, as he had a hunch that tribe mem­ber an­gelina Kee­ley had been plot­ting to vote him from the game due to a com­ment he made off cam­era.

“an­gelina lob­bied to get me out, be­cause I made a flip­pant com­ment about her hav­ing a show­mance with Jon (Hen­ni­gan) and she didn’t want that on the air. be­cause she’s a new­ly­wed,” he said, which is a bomb­shell that wasn’t edited into the show.

but while he doesn’t blame Natalie for his elim­i­na­tion, he does blame her for los­ing the im­mu­nity chal­lenge, that put them in the predica­ment in the first place.

“Me and Natalie did not have an is­sue di­rectly. ev­ery time she had an is­sue with some­one else, I would go and talk to her. even by the end, when we lost that im­mu­nity chal­lenge, we lost be­cause Natalie wouldn’t sit out. and she wouldn’t sit out, be­cause she felt alien­ated. She let the en­gi­neer and the grad­u­ate sit out and in real life, that should have been enough to get her out,” he said.

as view­ers an­tic­i­pate next week’s tribe swap, Jeremy be­lieves that Natalie’s at­ti­tude will catch up with her no mat­ter where she ends up on Wed­nes­day. “I think she is un­aware, so I think she’ll con­tinue the same course be­cause I don’t think she has a real game strat­egy. the next time I think they have an op­por­tu­nity to get her out, they’ll take it. and when she meets peo­ple on the davids, I think she’ll rub them the wrong way just like she did with us.” sur­vivor: David vs Go­liath airs Wed­nes­days on Global and CBS.

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