Stop us­ing Bush to at­tack Trump


Im­po­lite ques­tion, but it needs to be asked: Is there a Repub­li­can dead body that left-wing par­ti­sans won’t use to bash Don­ald Trump?

This week’s par­ti­san corpse abusers cal­lously ex­ploited the pass­ing of Ge­orge H.W. Bush, Amer­ica’s 41st pres­i­dent, to get in their digs at the cur­rent com­man­der in chief.

Their vul­gar level of in­ci­vil­ity was in­versely propo­si­tional to their sanc­ti­mo­nious calls for de­cency.

The View’s Joy Be­har rudely and crudely soiled the ABC show’s trib­ute to the 94-yearold World War II hero and life­long pub­lic ser­vant.

While Whoopi Gold­berg and other pan­elists paid homage to Bush’s char­ac­ter and love of fam­ily, Be­har wielded an old Bush quote about fed­eral Clean Air Act amend­ments to at­tack Trump on cli­mate change.

Her nar­cis­sis­tic pledge to be­come a “one-is­sue voter” on “pol­lu­tion and the green­house ef­fect” was in­ter­rupted when co-host Meghan McCain force­fully ob­jected to the hi­jack­ing of their short-lived unity mes­sage.

In­stead of apol­o­giz­ing for her ill-timed lapse into Trump De­range­ment Syn­drome, Be­har ripped into McCain while Gold­berg cut to a com­mer­cial break.

Not-so-joy­ful Joy re­port­edly shrieked in earshot of the au­di­ence: “Get this b---- un­der control” and told pro­duc­ers “If this s--- doesn’t stop, I’m quit­ting this damn show. I can’t take this much more.”

Nei­ther can my ears.

Can’t we just all get along? MSNBC’s Mika Brzezin­ski dis­played a sim­i­lar lack of re­straint, ex­tolling the Bush’s legacy of bi­par­ti­san­ship not for its own sake — but to carp about how “over the last two years de­viancy has con­tin­ued be­ing de­fined down by this cur­rent pres­i­dent.”

The Wash­ing­ton Post’s lead ar­ti­cle on Bush’s pass­ing be­moaned: “‘Hon­or­able, gra­cious and de­cent’: In Death, Bush Be­comes a Yard­stick for Pres­i­dent Trump.” Yes, it’s a virtue-sig­nal­ing yard­stick to wal­lop Trump with in hopes of beat­ing him into Belt­way me­dia sub­mis­sion.

Over at CNN, cor­re­spon­dent Jamie Gan­gel de­rided Trump’s somber visit to the U.S. Capi­tol to pay his re­spects as Bush 41’s cas­ket ar­rived at the ro­tunda to lie in state.

Gan­gel trashed Trump’s cer­e­mo­nial salute to Bush as “the­atri­cal” and re­jected vet­eran Belt­way com­men­ta­tor David Ger­gen’s as­sess­ment that Trump de­served credit for his deco­rum.

“I’m con­cerned that we shouldn’t give credit to some­one for not kick­ing dirt on the grave of a per­son who just passed away,” said Jef­fery Engel, re­buk­ing Ger­gen dur­ing an in­ter­view with CNN an­chor An­der­son Cooper.

(Yes, that’s the same Cooper who demon­strated his com­mit­ment to civil dis­course by in­fa­mously mock­ing tea party con­ser­va­tives by us­ing a de­grad­ing slang term for an oral sex act — also in an in­ter­view with poor David Ger­gen.)

Let’s stop pre­tend­ing and give the his­tor­i­cal white­wash a rest.

This isn’t about cel­e­brat­ing “ci­vil­ity.”

It’s about weaponiz­ing “ci­vil­ity.”

The new­found fans of the Bush clan spent years de­mo­niz­ing them as blood­thirsty war­mon­gers and dy­nas­tic op­pres­sors.

Bush the Younger was lam­basted as a “chimp,” be­headed in protest posters, and as­sas­si­nated in off-Broad­way plays.

When lib­er­als now praise the Bushes’ “ci­vil­ity,” what they are ac­tu­ally re­ward­ing is the GOP es­tab­lish­ment’s ca­pit­u­la­tion to liberal prin­ci­ples of big gov­ern­ment and elit­ist comity.

Be­cause the Bush fam­ily re­fused to fight back vig­or­ously against me­dia smears, daily Hol­ly­wood abuse and par­ti­san slime, they’re con­sid­ered paragons of virtue from whom Trump is lec­tured to “learn.” Ac­cord­ing to swamp eti­quette, it’s un­couth to call out pro­fane, de­ranged haters who have no qualms about let­ting their an­tiTrump freak flags fly as de­cent Amer­i­cans mourn.

“Ci­vil­ity” is in the eye of the be­moaner.


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