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NDP vows crackdown on tax cheats


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh honed in on the billions of dollars of potential revenue lost to corporate loopholes and tax evasion at a campaign stop Sunday as he accused Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau of doing nothing to address the issue.

Speaking in Sudbury, Singh said that he understood why many people in Canada are angry and frustrated about the economic system.

“It's clearly a rigged economy, which has meant it's harder and harder for working people, it's harder and harder for the middle class,” he said.

“If you're a rich corporatio­n, you get all sorts of loopholes and benefits.”

Singh said Trudeau hasn't done enough about the problem, while the NDP has committed to making it harder for corporatio­ns to shift profits to tax havens. The party has also pledged to increase annual funding to the Canada Revenue Agency by $100 million to go after tax cheats.

Parliament­ary budget officer Yves Giroux's analysis of the proposal estimated the measure could bring in just over $2 billion over five years.

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