Ivana Raca


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I’m a big fan of maple syrup in any way. It’s a to­tally dif­fer­ent kind of sweet. It works in bar­be­cue sauces, in creams or on its own.

I like to use it in a salad. I do a beet salad with wal­nuts, wal­nut oil, pomegranat­e and truf­fle oil. Pecorino on the bot­tom soaks up the juices, and it’s the maple syrup that pulls it all to­gether. Same thing with the squash salad on the menu at Uf­fi­cio right now. How you use maple syrup is up to you: it can be so com­plex and so sim­ple. So, it’s your choice to take some­thing and el­e­vate it or keep it ba­sic. I’ve al­ways got some­thing with maple syrup on the menu. Every time I go to Que­bec, I come back with 30 cans.

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