Canada's History

The Wood­carver and his Wife (ex­cerpt)

- by Me­gan Tiessen

Once there was an el­derly cou­ple of crafts­peo­ple, a wood­carver and his wife. The wood­carver and his wife were very skilled; ev­ery day they would go into the for­est to cre­ate their hand­i­work.

The wood­carver took fallen branches that he found ly­ing around, found a log, and sat and carved. The wood­carver’s carv­ings were very im­pres­sive, and they all told a story. The wood­carver’s carv­ings told sto­ries of his cul­ture, the strug­gles it had faced, the vic­to­ries it had won, and where it was now.

The wood­carver’s wife was a weaver; ev­ery day when she and her hus­band went into the for­est she would col­lect grasses that she found.

The wood­carver’s wife took only enough grasses as she needed, never any more ….

One day dur­ing their walk to the for­est the wood­carver and his wife found a no­tice say­ing, “in a few days the for­est will be sold to the log­ging com­pany.”

Dis­mayed by the news that the wood­carver and his wife’s beau­ti­ful for­est would soon be just sticks and stumps, they set off to find the owner of the land, to talk about the for­est’s sit­u­a­tion.

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