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The Great Grand­mother Spirit (ex­cerpt)

- by Bryan Bruno Musicians · Viral · Gossip · Celebrities

Kay-Lynn was search­ing for help. Kay-Lynn could not find any­one to help her.

She then stopped and started to pray to the Cre­ator and Grand­mother Spirit. She asked Grand­mother Spirit to help her find her lit­tle brother Ja­cob.

She started to walk down the trail and saw the sky go dark with big bright colours. She never saw the sky look so beau­ti­ful.

She then saw Grand­mother Spirit in the sky. Grand­mother Spirit told Kay-Lynn to fol­low her, so she did. Grand­mother Spirit said, I am here to help you find your lit­tle brother Ja­cob.

Kay-Lynn lis­tened to Grand­mother Spirit and trusted her while she fol­lowed her down the long, dark trail.

All of a sud­den, the sun started to shine so bright in her eyes, and Grand­mother Spirit was gone just like that. When Kay-Lynn looked again, she saw her brother Ja­cob down the trail.

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