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Cru­cible (ex­cerpt)

- by Leah Bap­tiste Crucible


(noun.) A ce­ramic or metal bowl in which met­als or other sub­stances may be melted or sub­jected to very high tem­per­a­tures.


A sit­u­a­tion of se­vere trial, or in which dif­fer­ent el­e­ments in­ter­act, lead­ing to the cre­ation of some­thing new.

Sil­ver down my wrist

Dim light hangs above me

Knelt down be­fore the cru­ci­fix

Drip, slow

Into the stone bowl


Flame grasps the bot­tom

Smoke rises from the hot blood

A wreath of stone, flame, and blood

They want it to sep­a­rate

They ache to pour in the bleach

But the blood clots

The blood binds

Hot­ter, hot­ter

And it only turns darker …

This is the story that I tell

Not one of stereo­typ­i­cal birds and wise men

A story coated in my In­dige­nous truth

The truth that may not yet set us free

No doubt will fill us with anger

As heated as this fire gets

Must clump to­gether

Hold­ing on to our iden­tity

Hand in hand

With pride we will stand for our blood

The tint to our skin

The dif­fer­ent cur­va­ture to our tongues

The lives that we prac­tise

In this cru­cible made to sep­a­rate our cul­ture from our blood

Will only bring about a peo­ple stronger than be­fore Un­til the fire con­sumes flesh

Leav­ing be­hind a pool of brown blood

That with no amount of bleach

Can ever be washed away.

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