Canada's History : 2018-12-01



Muscle on Wheels Louise Armaindo and the High-Wheel Racers of Nineteenth-Century America M. ANN HAL L Cloth, 240pp, 40 photos A fascinatin­g account of high-wheel bicycle racing in the 19th century and one of Canada’s first women profession­al athletes. Beardmore The Viking Hoax That Rewrote History “… transports the reader to the racetrack, to the exciting days when Armaindo rode every other North American woman (and many men) into the ground.” DOUGLAS HUNTER Cloth, 520pp, 18 photos, 2 maps –Literary Review of Canada “Hunter has written an excellent book that is engrossing from beginning to end, while also engaging with critical issues that were in play at a time in which Canadian history was very nearly rewritten.” –Quill & Quire Delicious Mirth The Life and Times of James McCarroll MICHAE L A. P ETERMAN Safe Haven Cloth, 368pp, 20 images The Wartime Letters of Ben Barman and Margaret Penrose, 1940–1943 “… conveys a great deal of engaging and interestin­g detail about mid-nineteenth-century Upper Canada culture and contribute­s significan­tly to our understand­ing of the role played by the Irish in Canada’s early life, uncovering McCarroll’s relations with such major figures as Thomas D’Arcy McGee and John A. Macdonald, as well as with a plethora of singers and writers and public figures.” –Gerald Lynch, University of Ottawa EDITED BY RODERICK J. BARMAN Cloth, 252pp, 50 photos Reveals the intimate day-to-day life of one Canadian household during the Second World War and the realities of evacuated British children, their families, and the people who hosted them. McGill- Queen’s University Press mqup. ca Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @McGillQuee­nsUP Canadian History Revealed