Canada's History : 2018-12-01

ALBUM : 73 : 74


ALBUM Do you have a photograph that captures a moment, important or ordinary, in Canada’s history? If so, have it copied (please don’t send priceless originals) and mail it to Album, c/o Canada’s History, Bryce Hall, Main Floor, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9. Or email your photo to album@CanadasHis­ Please provide a brief descriptio­n of the photo, including its date and location. If possible, identify people in the photograph and provide further informatio­n about the event or situation illustrate­d. Photos may be cropped or adjusted as necessary for presentati­on in the magazine. To have your posted submission returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 74 DECEMBER 2018–JANUARY 2019 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA