Canada's History : 2018-12-01

ALBUM : 74 : 75


A photograph­ic exploratio­n of Canada’s First World War experience, presented for the first time in full, vibrant colour, with complement­ary essays by some of our country’s leading public figures including Margaret Atwood, Tim Cook, Charlotte Gray, Paul Gross, Peter Mansbridge, and many others. "Scrawled in chalk on a rusty brick Toronto wall--" Don't Forget Us." Five wounded Canadian soldiers, only one willing, or able, to smile, sit beneath the graffiti. This is but one of the extraordin­ary glimpses of Canadians at home and at the front filled with the tones, tints, and hues of Life and Death during the First World War. The text, and the photograph­s, in colour for the first time, educate and then haunt us; they are, in fact, quite unforgetta­ble." — Linda Granfield, historian AvAilAble FroM your FAvouriTe bookseller # TheyFought­InColour vimyfounda­tion. ca