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Hugh Brewster wrote “Fashion’s Queen.” He is the author of RMS Titanic: Gilded Lives On a Fatal Voyage, which features a profile of couturière Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon. In 2016 he guest curated an exhibition at the Guelph Civic Museum titled Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal. He has written thirteen other books, and his play Last Day, Last Hour was the centrepiec­e of a 2018 festival in Cobourg, Ontario, commemorat­ing the centennial of the end of the First World War.

Janice Cavell, author of “Arctic Atlantis,” was born and grew up in northern Ontario. She lives in Ottawa, where she works in the Historical Section, Global Affairs Canada. She is also an adjunct research professor of history and northern studies at Carleton University. Her work on Arctic history ranges from the nineteenth-century quest for the Northwest Passage to sovereignt­y issues in the twentieth century. Her current projects include an edition of William Laird McKinlay’s diary of the tragic Karluk voyage, to be published by the Hakluyt Society.

Bill Moreau wrote “Before Toronto.” He is the editor of the three-volume Writings of David Thompson.

He and his family live near the Skandatut Site in Woodbridge, Ontario, and he teaches grades four and five at Dunlace Public School in North York, Ontario, not far from the Moatfield Ossuary site.

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