Canada's History : 2020-08-01

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CURRENTS World’s Largest Dinosaur: Tyrannosau­rus rex On the road again! Canada’s roadside attraction­s World’s Largest Hockey Stick: Duncan, B.C. Summer is the season for adventurou­s Canadians to jump in their vehicles and head out to see more of this vast nation we call home. Any good road trip should include a visit to some of the hundreds of roadside attraction­s that line Canada’s highways. From giant squids to roaring dinosaurs, here are five attraction­s to consider for your next journey. It’s fitting that the world’s largest hockey stick can be found in Canada. The sixty-two-metre-long shinny twig and its companion puck call Vancouver Island home, sitting prominentl­y in front of the Cowichan Community Centre in Duncan, B.C. 16 AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2020 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA