Canada's History : 2020-08-01

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THE SEARCH FOR THE TERROR N Baf f in Ba y Is. Devon B ea uf or Se t a Cornwallis Is. r Sound caste Lan Peel Sound Banks Island Beechey Is. Somerset Is. Vi ct or ia Is la nd Baff inI sla nd Prince of Wales Is. Bellot Strait M cC Clin hato nck Victoria n el Strait Boothia Peninsula Rae Strait Cambridge Bay King William Is. Point de la Guiche Coppermine/ Kugluktuk Terror x Gjoa Haven x Great Bear Lake Erebus Adelaide Peninsula Repulse Bay Franklin Ships Halted by Ice Ships Found: Amundsen 1845–1847 1846 x Erebus Terror 2014 1903–1906 2016 whenever Arctic conditions permit — usually for a week or ten days in late July or August. From the just eleven metres below the surface, they have brought up dozens of relics, among them the ship’s bell. In August 2019, during an exceptiona­l seven-day calm, investigat­ors got a first extended look at the wreck of the They dropped a remotely operated vehicle, an ROV, through a hatch on the ship’s upper deck and steered it around to explore twenty compartmen­ts on a single deck. In a statement released by Parks Canada, underwater archaeolog­ist Ryan Harris — who operated the ROV — said the is so well-preserved that it looks like “a ship only recently deserted by its crew, seemingly forgotten by the passage of time.” The video he captured shows china plates and bottles still stacked on shelves, weapons still standing in their racks, and officers’ cabins looking neat, trim, and ready for inspection. Underwater archaeolog­y manager Marc-André Bernier was especially struck by the pristine condition of Crozier’s cabin, which greatly surpassed the team’s expectatio­ns. “Not only are the furniture and cabinets in place,” he said, “drawers are closed and many are buried in silt, encapsulat­ing objects and documents in the best possible conditions for their survival. Each drawer and other enclosed space will be a treasure trove of unpreceden­ted informatio­n on the fate of the Franklin expedition.” A buildup of sediment blocked access to Crozier’s sleeping quarters, which obviously cry out for inspection. Erebus, Terror. Terror 36 AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2020 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA