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Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage, While researchin­g my book the estuary of the river. His men caught one of them and dragged it ashore. The next day, a “large white bear” turned up to feed on the whale. Munk shot and killed it. His men relished the bear meat. Munk had ordered the cook “just to boil it slightly, and then to keep it in vinegar for a night.” But he had the meat for his own table roasted and wrote that “it was of good taste and did not disagree with us.” As Delbert Young observes, Churchill sits at the heart of polar bear country. After that first feasting the sailors probably consumed more polar bear meat. During his long I read Munk’s journal in translatio­n and then turned up an article by Delbert Young that was published more than four decades ago in magazine, now In “Killer on the ‘Unicorn,’” Winter 1973, Young blamed the catastroph­e on poorly cooked or raw polar-bear meat — a threat not then well understood. Soon after reaching Churchill in September 1619, Munk reported that at every high tide white beluga whales entered The Beaver Canada’s History. HOW INDIGENOUS PEOPLES KEPT FRANKLIN ALIVE 40 AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2020 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA