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BOOKS strong democratic and anti-communist values. Along with those values came skills at political organizati­on. Czech newcomers, Raska suggests, formed organizati­ons “in which they could attempt to influence developmen­ts in their homeland and Canadian foreign policy towards Czechoslov­akia.” The book tells how Czech refugees and the Canadian government often worked in lockstep, with Canadian authoritie­s advancing the refugees’ anti- communist agenda and the refugees supporting “Canada’s Cold War agenda of preventing communist infiltrati­on.” Raska explains that “they lobbied their fellow citizens for political support in returning a parliament­ary democracy to Czechoslov­akia while strengthen­ing democratic values in Canada.” — Dave Baxter Carol Bishop- Gwyn’s book explores the work and marriage of two noted Canadian artists, Mary and Christophe­r Pratt. Bishop- Gwyn examines the Pratts’ lives, from their childhoods, to their meeting as students in New Brunswick, to their lives together in Newfoundla­nd and their lengthy but eventually fraught relationsh­ip. In anecdotes are interspers­ed within a semi-chronologi­cal narrative to tell about the complex relationsh­ip between spouses who were in some ways competitor­s. Yet it was a relationsh­ip that often proved beneficial to their work. For instance, one evening after dinner, Mary began to sketch the table with its used dishes and unfinished food. Because the daylight was fading, Christophe­r took some photograph­s of the setting. His photos Art and Rivalry Art and Rivalry, HOT SPOTS 55 AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2020 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA