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BEAVER TALES FROM SCURVY CURES AND FLU FIXES TO CANOE CRAFTING, IGLOO CARVING, AND MORE! YOUR GUIDE TO SURVIVING CANADA THROUGHOUT THE AGES BY BROOKE CAMPBELL, KAITLIN VITT, AND MARK REID ILLUSTRATI­ONS BY TIERRA CONNOR HOW TO MAKE SPRUCE BEER Y It’s 1535, and you’re part of Jacques Cartier’s exploratio­n crew arriving in what will eventually become Quebec. The weeks-long voyage across the Atlantic has been perilous. Now, to make matters worse, you feel exhausted, weak, and irritable. You bleed easily, and your joints ache. Some members of the crew are losing teeth from their rotting gums. That’s right — you have scurvy, which we now know to be the result of a vitamin C deficiency. Thankfully, the Haudenosau­nee take pity on you and share their cure: spruce beer, which can be brewed during winter months when fresh produce — also a source of vitamin C — isn’t available. For a non-alcoholic drink, simply boil spruce twigs in water and then strain off the liquid. The alcoholic version has a few more steps. 1. Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Add spruce twigs until the water just covers them. 2. Roast oats in a pan. Add to pot. 3. Toast a few slices of bread. Add to pot. 4. Boil until about half of the original amount of water remains and bark loosens from the twigs. Strain. 5. Add molasses or brown sugar to the liquid. Put the mixture into a barrel. Add yeast. Remove scum from the liquid. 6. Allow mixture to ferment for several days before drinking. OU’VE DREAMED ABOUT ESCAPING THE BUSTLE realize — filled with intense manual labour at work and around the home, often-gruelling modes of transporta­tion, illnesses that could easily turn fatal, limited creature comforts, and unreliable communicat­ion. But, if you still insist that life was better in the past, here are some tips and tricks you’ll need to survive in early Canada. of everyday life, imagining a time when you weren’t constantly battling with your kids over screen time, without long days at the office toiling under fluorescen­t lights, and free of traffic jams and taxes. You yearn for the simple life, with plenty more time for friends and family. The days would be filled with hearty shared meals, time spent in nature, honest work, and a sense of community. Sounds like paradise, right? Or would it be? The truth is, the past is a tougher place than most of us Enjoy “Old-School DIY” but remember that this is informatio­nal only, for your reading pleasure. Influenza, muskets, unknown plants — even igloos — can be hazardous to one’s health. These instructio­ns are simplified and condensed. For more details visit CanadasHis­­IY. Editor’s Note: 32 33 FEBRUARY–MARCH 2019 FEBRUARY–MARCH 2019 CANADASHIS­TORY.CA The February-March 2019 magazine article “Old-School DIY” received two National Magazine Awards nomination­s. Canada’s History CREATING COMPELLING CONTENT Canada’s History. The Beaver CANADASHIS­TORY.CA ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020