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One hundred years of The Beaver. Read ’em and weep. HBC’s black-gold era. Ship search needed.


Congratula­tions on a superb 100th-anniversar­y issue (October–November 2020). It is so refreshing and so important to see the richness of the archives viewed through a new perspectiv­e and to see Indigenous experience and knowledge brought to the fore. (I’ve read about the Names and Knowledge Initiative before, and it was wonderful to see so many names of the individual­s pictured.) This is a valuable contributi­on to the national conversati­on. Congratula­tions to everyone involved. As a former trade magazine editor, I can imagine the amount of planning and work that went in to this issue. And, at a much more modest level, I’m really delighted that my own contributi­on was able to be part of this issue.

Gillian O’Reilly Toronto

[ Editor’s note: Gillian O’Reilly submitted the Album item that appeared in the 100th-anniversar­y issue of Canada’s History.]

Thanks, Canada’s History, for the 100th-anniversar­y edition of The Beaver. It is fantastic fodder for historical thinking in the classroom. Matt Henderson Winnipeg

One hundred! What an accomplish­ment. It’s a perfect time to start my print subscripti­on. Thanks for all you folks do. Ariel Hudnall Vancouver

Thanks so much, and congrats! Love your magazine so much — so glad I subscribed several years back. Giancarlo Mignardi via Instagram

This issue looks so good — I’m speechless. Nigel Moore via Instagram

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