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- Compelled to Act


In 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their iconic bed-in for peace at an upscale Montreal hotel, culminatin­g with the recording of anti-war anthem “Give Peace a Chance.” Historian Greg Marquis uses the couple’s visit to offer a unique portrayal of Canadian society in the late sixties. An illuminati­ng and entertaini­ng read for anyone interested in this fascinatin­g moment in Canadian history. $22.95. PAPERBACK. 272 PGS 27 B&W PHOTOGRAPH­S PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2020 ISBN 9781459415­416 (PRINT) ISBN 9781459415­423 (EBOOK) JAMES LORIMER & COMPANY LTD.

COLD CASE NORTH The Search for James Brady and Absolom Halkett by Michael Nest, with Deanna Reder and Eric Bell

In 1967, Indigenous leaders James Brady and Absolom Halkett mysterious­ly disappeare­d from their campsite in Saskatchew­an, sparking rumours of secret mining interests, political intrigue, and murder. Cold Case North is the story of how a small team, with the help of the Indigenous community, exposed police failure, discovered new clues and testimony, and gathered the pieces of this missingper­sons puzzle. $24.95. PAPERBACK. 272 PGS 5 X 7 INCHES


GO DO SOME GREAT THING The Black Pioneers of British Columbia, 3rd edition by Crawford Kilian, with a foreword by Dr. Adam Rudder

Updated with a new foreword by Dr. Adam Rudder, the third edition of this under-told story describes the hardships and triumphs of B.C.’s first Black citizens and their legacy in the province today. Partial sales proceeds from each copy sold will be donated to the Hogan’s Alley Society. Copies are available from Black Bond Books and Book Warehouse — www.bookwareho­ $26.95. PAPERBACK. 272 PGS HISTORY, 6 X 9 INCHES, 24 B&W PHOTOS PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2020


IMPERIAL STANDARD Imperial Oil, Exxon, and the Canadian Oil Industry from 1880 by Graham D. Taylor

Winner of the Petroleum History Society Book of the Year, this is the authoritat­ive history of Imperial Oil. For over 130 years, Imperial Oil dominated Canada’s oil industry while its partnershi­p with Exxon-Mobil made it one of Canada’s largest foreign-controlled multinatio­nals. Graham D. Taylor provides unpreceden­ted insight into one of Canada’s most influentia­l oil companies and sheds light on the inner workings of the industry itself. $39.99 CAD / $39.99 USD. PAPERBACK. 380 PGS, 43 ILLUSTRATI­ONS



Histories of Women’s Activism in Western Canada edited by Sarah Carter and Nanci Langford

showcases fresh historical perspectiv­es on the diversity of women’s contributi­ons to social and political change in prairie Canada in the 20th century. It reminds us of the myriad ways women have challenged and confronted injustices and inequaliti­es. $31.95. PAPERBACK. 344 PGS PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2020 ISBN 978-0-88755-8719 UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA PRESS


Great War Food from the Front and Kitchens Back Home in Canada edited by Elizabeth Baird & Bridget Wranich

Recipes for Victory shows how we fed the troops and ourselves during the Great War. It combines history and cooking as it presents domestic and military recipes (and their modern-day equivalent­s) used during the Great War — in the trenches, behind the lines, and on the home front. $24.95. PAPERBACK. 216 PGS 6 X 8 INCHES

ISBN 9781770503­236 WHITECAP BOOKS


A Novel by Peter Unwin

Paul Prescot’s desire to catalogue and comprehend the Aboriginal rock paintings of the Canadian Shield draws him and his wife deeper into a history that, while foreign to them both, seems to offer a meaningful alternativ­e to a world that has gone wrong. $24.95. PAPERBACK. 248 PGS PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2020 ISBN 9781770866­003 CORMORANT BOOKS INC. JEANNIE’S DEMISE Abortion on Trial in Victorian Toronto

by Ian Radforth

August 1, 1875, Toronto: The body of a young woman is discovered in a pine box, half-buried in a ditch along Bloor Street. So begins a real-life Victorian melodrama that played out in the bustling streets and courtrooms of “Toronto the Good.” Historian Ian Radforth’s intensive research grounds the tragedy of Jeannie’s demise in sharp historical analysis, presenting more than a dozen case studies of abortion trials in Victorian-era Canada. $29.95. PAPERBACK. 175 PGS PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2020 21 B&W PHOTOGRAPH­S ISBN 978-1-771-13513-9 BETWEEN THE LINES


How are we to understand Leonard Cohen’s plea? Who speaks to whom in this oeuvre spanning six decades? In search of an answer to this question this study considers the different guises or “demons” that the Canadian singer-songwriter adopts. The wide internatio­nal circulatio­n of Cohen’s work has resulted in a partial severing with the context of its creation. $39.95. PAPERBACK. 208 PGS PUBLISHED AUGUST 25, 2020 ISBN 9780776631­202 UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA PRESS

ST. MICHAEL’S RESIDENTIA­L SCHOOL Lament & Legacy by Nancy Dyson & Dan Rubenstein

One of the very few accounts of life in a residentia­l school by caregivers who witness the shocking discipline, poor food and harsh punishment for the children’s use of their native language. $24.95. PAPERBACK. 200 PGS

6 X 9 INCHES, 30 B&W PHOTOGRAPH­S ISBN 978-1-55380-623-3 (PRINT) ISBN 978-1-55380-624-2 (EBOOK) RONSDALE PRESS

KATE WAKE A Novel by Mariianne Mays Wiebe

A tender and deeply engaging novel from a distinctiv­e new voice. Katie fights to reclaim her life from the grip of a psychologi­cal crisis, tracing back a stumbled-upon and uncertain family history at an abandoned prairie mental asylum. As she seeks to rehabilita­te the present by understand­ing the past, her fate becomes intertwine­d with that of her great-grandmothe­r Kate Wake, an enigmatic, independen­t-minded artist with her own remarkable story. $21.95. PAPERBACK. 284 PGS PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2019 ISBN 978-1-927599-46-4 DC BOOKS

CANADA 1919 A Nation Shaped by War edited by Tim Cook and J.L. Granatstei­n

With compelling insight, Canada 1919 examines the year following the Great War — a war that was, for Canada, completely unexpected in its magnitude. In the midst of relief that the killing had ended, economic and political tensions were fraught as the survivors attempted to right the country and chart a path into the future. $34.95. HARDCOVER. 338 PGS PUBLISHED JUNE 2020 ISBN 9780774864­077 UBC PRESS

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