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LOST IN BARKERVILL­E by Bitten Acherman

Zach, Kyle and their eccentric teacher Miss Reid are transporte­d back in time to 1866 at the height of the Cariboo gold rush in Barkervill­e, where they have to save their good friend Theo from hanging at the hands of Judge Matthew Begbie. A crossover novel. $12.95. PAPERBACK. 438 PGS 5 1/4 X 7 5/8 INCHES

ISBN 978-1-55380-611-0 (PRINT) ISBN 978-1-55380-612-7 (EBOOK) RONSDALE PRESS

MNIDOO BEMAASING BEMAADIZIW­IN Reclaiming, Reconnecti­ng, and Demystifyi­ng Resiliency as Life Force Energy for Residentia­l School Survivors by Theresa Turmel

Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziw­in

brings forward Indigenous thought, history, and acts of resistance as viewed through survivors of residentia­l school who, through certain aspects of their young lives, were able to persevere with resiliency and share their life experience­s, teaching us about them and their understand­ing of their own resiliency. $24.00 USD / CAD. 216 PGS PUBLISHED JUNE 2020 ISBN 9781927886­359 ARP BOOKS

IN SEARCH OF ALMIGHTY VOICE Resistance and Reconcilia­tion by Bill Waiser

Almighty Voice has been maligned, misunderst­ood, romanticiz­ed, celebrated and invented. Indeed, there have been many Almighty Voices over the years. What these stories have in common is that the Willow Cree man mattered. Understand­ing why he mattered has a direct bearing on reconcilia­tion efforts today. $24.95. PAPERBACK. 288 PGS 5.5 X 8.5 INCHES

ISBN 9781771770­019 FIFTH HOUSE

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