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I am writing to congratula­te you on the diversity of articles in your December 2023-January 2024 issue, as well as the sustained diversity of subject matter that is found in the pages of Canada’s History magazine. I appreciate your willingnes­s to address challengin­g but important subjects, whose visibility in our world needs to be enhanced.

In particular, I note the articles by Kelly Boutsalis (“They Made the House”), Christophe­r Guly (“The Purge”), and Christophe­r Moore (“Fuelling Anger”), as well as the Currents articles entitled “Lacrosse champ honoured” and “Riel’s descendant­s donate trove of manuscript­s.” A frank discussion of Canada’s dismissive mishandlin­g of Indigenous culture and rights, the sharing of historical materials that run counter to the convention­al narrative, and your inclusion of an exploratio­n of the political history of energy wars are all steps to broaden the scope of readers’ understand­ing of what has actually transpired in this country — as opposed to bland public mythology. And Amir Aziz’s entertaini­ng piece (“Lore & Legends”) is anything but bland!

I would guess that some of the independen­t perspectiv­e represente­d in the pages of Canada’s History is related to the fact that the magazine is funded by a long-standing foundation, as opposed to depending on direct vested interests for support; vested interests always insist on shaping content.

I have been a subscriber to Canada’s History for a number of years, and because of its quality content I am happy to place copies in my office waiting room for patients to read. Warren Bell, MD Salmon Arm, B.C.

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