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If you are an in­formed con­sumer, with taste, you more than likely pre­fer the flavour of fresh, ripe, lo­cally farmed toma­toes to that of their pulpy brethren, in­ten­sively reared, laced with chem­i­cals, pul­ver­ized and pre­served in a can. You’d prob­a­bly also give the nod to suc­cu­lent, freshly poached clams over re­con­sti­tuted clam juice pow­der. I cer­tainly do. And I was think­ing about just that while con­tem­plat­ing our na­tional drink, when it oc­curred to me to have a go at strip­ping the Cae­sar down to its pure, es­sen­tial flavours, and meld­ing them into some­thing new, more el­e­gant, less fill­ing, and far more nu­tri­tious. I give you Cae­sar’s Ghost.

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