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Serves 4


• 1 thick slice of moose heart, about 500 g (1¼ lb)

• 1 shallot, brunoise cut

• ½ tbsp. crème fraiche*

• 1 tsp pick­led ox-eye daisy capers,


• 1 tsp minced Scotch lo­vage

• 1 tsp ju­niper oil*

• 1 large pinch ground dried el­der­ber­ries*



• • • •

Cured duck egg yolk*

Chanterelle pow­der*

Nas­tur­tium flow­ers and small leaves* Grilled sour­dough


Clean and trim the moose heart, re­mov­ing and dis­card­ing fat, ar­ter­ies and con­nec­tive tis­sue. Dice the meat (about 50 mm/¼ inch) and trans­fer to a chilled mix­ing bowl. Add the shallot, capers, lo­vage, half the ju­niper oil, ground el­der­ber­ries and salt to taste— and mix well. Taste and ad­just sea­son­ing. Add more ju­niper oil to taste. If more acid­ity is de­sired, add a driz­zle of daisy ca­per brine. If too acidic, add a dab of crème fraiche. Ad­just salt. Ar­range meat at cen­tre of a chilled plat­ter. Gar­nish with rasped duck egg, pow­dered chanterelles and nas­tur­tium flow­ers and leaves. Serve with warm grilled bread.

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