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Serves 10



• • • • •


• 500 ml (2 cups) 2% or whole milk

• 500 ml (2 cups) 35% cream

• 150 g (½ cup) glu­cose (or corn) syrup • 100 g (½ cup) gran­u­lated su­gar

• 350 g (about 18) egg yolks

• 300 g (1¼ cups) saska­toon berry purée


• • • • 750 ml (3 cups) rolled oats

250 ml (1 cup) yo­gurt

125 ml (½ cup) flour

1 tsp salt

225 g (½ lb) cul­tured but­ter, room tem­per­a­ture

125 ml (½ cup) light brown su­gar

450 g (1 lb) over­ripe Dam­son plums, pit­ted

50 ml (¼ cup) gran­u­lated su­gar 1 tbsp glu­cose syrup (or corn) syrup 1 tsp per­illa salt*

Le­mon juice


Com­bine oats and yo­gurt in a bowl, mix well, cover, and leave on coun­ter­top for 24 hours. Trans­fer to the bowl of a food pro­ces­sor, add the flour and salt, pulse for 20 sec­onds, and set aside. Com­bine but­ter and su­gar in a stand mixer fit­ted with a pad­dle at­tach­ment, and cream un­til fluffy and pale—about 5 min­utes. Add the oat mix­ture, and mix on low speed un­til com­bined.

Pre­heat oven to 175°C (350°F).

Spread oat mix­ture on a bak­ing sheet lined with parch­ment pa­per. Trans­fer to oven un­til oats are bronzed and crisp— about 20 min­utes. Set aside to cool.

Crum­ble into pieces, and re­serve.

To make the ice cream com­bine milk, cream, syrup and su­gar in a saucepan on medium heat. Stir oc­ca­sion­ally, bring to a sim­mer, then set aside. In a large bowl, com­bine a few tbsp of the hot milk mix­ture with the eggs, and whisk. Grad­u­ally whisk in the rest of the hot mix­ture, a lit­tle at a time, un­til ho­moge­nous. Com­bine with the berry purée in the jug of a blender, whiz, then strain into a bowl. Chill thor­oughly. Then churn in an ice cream maker ac­cord­ing to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Re­serve in freezer.

Mean­while, com­bine plums, su­gar, syrup, salt and one squeeze of le­mon juice in a saucepan, cover, and cook on medium un­til the fruit soft­ens—about 5 min­utes. Purée in a blender and strain through a fine mesh into a bowl. Taste, and ad­just with more salt or le­mon juice as nec­es­sary. Set aside.

To serve top one scoop ice cream with a gen­er­ous dol­lop of plum purée and a scat­ter­ing of oat crum­ble.

*Per­illa salt can be found in spe­cialty stores. Or mix sea salt with crum­bled de­hy­drated per­illa leaf ( or shiso).

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