Sketches from an Un­quiet Coun­try

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Cana­dian Graphic Satire, 1840–1940

eDiTeD By Do­Minic hArDy, Anni e gérin AnD lorA s enechAl cAr­ney Pa­per­back, 86 il­lus­tra­tions, 312pp • $39.95

“… gives cana­dian car­i­ca­ture a valu­able place amidst the cur­rent dis­cus­sions of Amer­i­can, Bri­tish, and french tra­di­tions of graphic satire. it is an im­por­tant pro­ject that makes a sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to the world his­tory of pe­ri­od­i­cals.” Brian Maid­ment, liver­pool john Moores univer­sity and au­thor of Com­edy, Car­i­ca­ture and the So­cial Or­der 1820–1850

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