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How do we demon­strate re­spect for land? Do we show it loy­alty by re­main­ing over many years or gen­er­a­tions, de­pend­ing upon it for liveli­hood and sus­te­nance? Do we of­fer mean­ing­ful ob­ser­va­tions of its cul­ture and land­scape, ac­knowl­edg­ing that which sets it apart? Do we de­fend it against re­source ex­trac­tion that would have it emp­tied, ex­ploited with­out fore­thought of im­pact?

“Maps and Dreams,” co-cu­rated by Brian Jun­gen and Me­lanie O’brian, con­sid­ers the ter­ri­tory of the Dane-zaa peo­ple of north­east­ern Bri­tish Columbia and fea­tures the work of nine artists from the re­gion. They rep­re­sent Indige­nous and set­tler per­spec­tives through sculp­ture, pho­to­graphs,

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