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or Cube’s second season in Canada, the German bicycle brand is adding more choice to our market with one of its XC hardtails, aptly named the Attention SL. The bike’s sharp styling does garner admiring looks with its grey-andblack colour scheme. While the machine easily draws you in, It took me some time to figure out who this bike would be best suited for.

After some saddle time and deep thought (for a bike tester), I realized this model would most appeal to the recreation­al rider who may do XC races or relay events occasional­ly. It also works well for someone who wants an efficient, reliable and lightweigh­t bike for exploring back roads and not overly technical trails. Seeing as the bike comes in two wheel sizes depending on the frame size: 27.5" for 14", 16" and 18" (tested), and 29" for the 17", 19", 21" and 23" frames. I would really have liked to try out the 19" frame as well with the bigger wheels and different geometry to see how the two compared.

Having mostly been handed top-end race hardtails in 2015 for testing, the affordabil­ity and versatile specs of this machine were refreshing. In contrast with many bikes today, the Attention SL is still holding onto an earlier era of shorter top tubes and a bit longer chainstays. The 700-mm-long

“It’s an efficient, reliable and lightweigh­t bike for exploring back roads and not overly technical trails.”

with an XT rear mech and Deore hubs and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (160-mm rear rotor and 180-mm on the front). The brakes had plenty of modulation and power. The only drawback was the three-finger-wide levers that needed to be run quite inboard on the handlebar to get the most natural ergonomic position. This setup forces your shifters inboard at the same time and may make the shift paddles a little hard to reach. Shimano has adapted its triple chainring set to better reflect today’s bigger wheel sizes with a 40/30/22-tooth selection. This range should give you a good gear ratio on both wheel sizes that Cube is offering with this bike, whether you are spinning up a long steep trail or going all out on a backroad downhill.

So whether you are just getting into mountain biking or need to upgrade from an older model without breaking the bank, the Cube Attention SL is worth a look.

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