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The main data points for six units

- By $1,620, $1,900, $1,150 for the single-side Essential model; $1,700 for Vector 2 and $900 for Vectro 2S,

Matthew Pioro

Powertap P1

Powertap, a company long known for its hub-based power meters, released the P1 pedals this past summer. Each pedal has its own meter. Data passes through the left, master meter, and then sent to your head unit via ant+. With Bluetooth Smart, each pedal transmits data individual­ly. With each protocol, you can get left/right power data. Unlike other pedal-based meters, the P1 doesn’t have pods: everything is contained within the pedals. Switching between bikes is simple, but the pedals are heavier than other performanc­e platforms, roughly 400 g. They require a proprietar­y cleat, too.

Look Kéo Power

Previously, the Look Kéo Power pedal only transmitte­d data via Bluetooth Smart. The third generation model out for 2016 will broadcast with both Bluetooth Smart and ant+, which broadens the range of head units you can use to display data. The pedals report true left/right power. Moving your power meter to a different bike just means moving the pedals and their pods to the new set of cranks. The setup, however, is a bit finicky. The pedals even come with their own specialize­d tool. For a slightly less expensive power meter, you can opt for the Look Kéo Power Essential, which only reads power on the left side. Garmin Vector 2

The claimed weight of the Garmin Vector 2 pedals and pods (358 g) make them the lightest of the pedal-based power meters. You can swap them from bike to bike, but if your crankarms are 15- to 18-mm thick you’ll need a larger pod. The power meters provide left/right power to compatible devices, which include the Garmin Edge 1000, 800 and 500, Fenix 2 and 3 and Forerunner 310XT, 910XT and 920XT. When you pair the pedals with the head unit, you have to enter your crank length. Then, you’re ready to take in the reams of data the pedals transmit via ant+. If you want to save a bit of money, you can go for the Vector 2S, which only measures power on your left side. The pedals and cleats are Look compatible.

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