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Last year, rochette launched a grant for a younger cy clo cross racer to spend a weekend racing with the cl if Pro team at the continenta­l championsh­ips in louisville. I would love to do something this fall again. But for now, I don’t have anything planned. However, it is important for me to give back and encourage young cyclists for many reasons. For one, it gives a bigger purpose to what we do. If at least we can inspire other people to pursue their passions so they can discover themselves, discover the world and help them thrive in something, then to me, it’s all worth it. Secondly, the reason I can pursue my passion now is because many people supported me and gave me the tools to keep going when I thought I should stop and follow a more “normal” path. I’m happy being able to ride my bike for a living, and I wish other people had the chance to do so. If I could help one person believe they can also do it, and this person ends up living their dream, that would make me happy.

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