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$1,700, Kickr smart bike trainer; $850, Kickr Climb; $360 Kickr Head­wind

A smart trainer, a climb­ing sim­u­la­tor and a smart fan – these items make for a deluxe pain-cave setup. The trainer it­self is Wa­hoo’s di­rect-drive Kickr, which was up­dated this year. It broad­casts data via Blue­tooth and ant+ and comes with an 11-speed cas­sette. Its max­i­mum re­sis­tance is 2,200 watts. The unit’s fly­wheel is 16 lb., which con­trib­utes to the ma­chine’s ex­cel­lent road feel. The whole trainer weighs a hefty 47 lb. On the Kickr, you can put a moun­tain bike that runs 24" wheels as well as a 29er. It also comes ready for quick-re­lease, 12 x 142 and 12 x 148 axles. The trainer can sim­u­late grades as steep as 20 per cent, which is a handy num­ber, es­pe­cially when you have a Kickr Climb.

To at­tach your bike to the Climb, you re­move your front wheel and slip in the ap­pro­pri­ate axle sup­plied with the unit. You then pair the Climb with the Kickr trainer. Af­ter you patch ev­ery­thing into Zwift, the front end raises up to grades as high as 20 per cent and de­scents as steep as -10 per cent. On rel­a­tively flat cour­ses on which the grades only go up to four per cent, you can still feel the front of bike go­ing up and down. Does if feel just like climb­ing? Well, no. But chas­ing pix­els on a screen doesn’t much feel like rid­ing out­side ei­ther. The Climb, which only works with newer ver­sions of the Kickr, Wa­hoo Snap and Kickr Core, does add a nice bit of vari­a­tion to an in­door ride. If you are train­ing for a big climb, then hav­ing the bike tilt into the proper po­si­tion will help you work on the right mus­cles. It’s also much more sta­ble than stack­ing a ton of books un­der the front tire.

The Kickr Head­wind rounds out this setup. You can pair it with your heart-rate mon­i­tor so the harder you work, the harder it works. You could also pair it with a speed sen­sor so the breeze matches your vir­tual ve­loc­ity.

You’re go­ing to need a bit of space for all this fur­ni­ture, but if you al­ready have a per­ma­nent space for your work­outs, these three items will likely fit fine. You also need to make sure you have enough elec­tri­cal out­lets. Even though there are a lot of parts, they are all quite easy to set up and con­fig­ure us­ing Wa­hoo’s apps. I had ev­ery­thing up and run­ning (up and Zwift­ing?) in about 30 min­utes. ( wa­hoofit­ness.com)—mp

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