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5 bags for bikepack­ing and what to stick in them

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5 bags for bikepack­ing and what to stick in them

You can bring a lot of gear on your bikepack­ing treks with the right setup. What you run can de­pend on your bike and what you need to be com­fort­able on your jour­ney. Here’s a look at five bags, along with pack­ing tips from pro roadie Rob Britton, who has a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence with multi-day trips. In 2018, he pre­pared for the road world cham­pi­onships with a 1,700-km ride from Cal­gary to Port Ren­frew, B.C. This past fall, the Rally Cy­cling rider and two friends trav­elled around Ja­pan for nine days. “Which end of the bike you pack what gear, I think, is per­sonal pref­er­ence,” he says.

T Ahe wa­ter­proof stuff sack of the Vaude Trail­sad­dle 12 seat bag ($ 140, sp ort­d­i­ at­taches to a frame that stays strapped to your bike. Once you park for the night, you can take the 12-l bag off eas­ily and get at your things. Britton’s Tip “Allmy clothes are in here as well as some off-bike sneak­ers( in a sep­a­rate dry bag ),” he says of the con­tents of his seat bag. “I will usu­ally pack it in re­verse or­der of w ha ti may need for the day. so camp/ off-bike clothes go in first, and the leg warm­ers, rain coat, ex­tra gloves and hat go in last. try to com press and roll this down as much as pos­si­ble to avoid ma­jors way, es­pe­cially when you’re stand­ing on the ped­als .”

The Geosmina Large Top Tube bag B

($ 80, brodiebi­cy­ has an inner chas­sis that adds to the struc­ture and sta­bil­ity of the 1-l piece. In­side, a di­vider can keep the con­tents in or­der. Britton’s Tip “This is a hip­ster bike pack­ing ben to box ,” he says of his top-tube-bag. “it holds my Snick­ers, an di love it .” he also car­ries at top-tube tool bag with his all-im­por­tant Leather man and ground cof­fee.

The Ax­iom Sey­mour Ocean weave Frame pack P 3.5 C ($70, ax­iom gear. com) is made from re­claimed fish­nets. The ma­te­rial has a wa­ter­proof coat­ing, while the seams are wa­ter-re­sis­tant. Six hook-and-loop straps keep the 3.5-l bag from swing­ing. Britton’s Tip “Some­time si will keep a rain­coat in here. For the most part, it’ s just ac­ces­sories and stuff that doesn’ t fit nicely into the other bags ,” he says of his frame bag. Items in­clude rope–“For things,” he says–and a fl ask of bour­bon.

The Vaude Trail­front 19 han­dle­bar bag D ($ 120, sport­d­i­ may work best on a riser-bar bike as its 19-l stuff sack has a length of 65 cm, but the Trail­front’s frame does sit nicely be­tween 40 cm bars. The well-de­signed straps on both pieces keep ev­ery­thing neat when the bag is bun­dled be­tween the drops. Britton’s Tip “Ikeepmy en­tire sleep sys­tem this bag. peo­ple ask why id on’ tu sea bivy.s im­ply put, my tent weighs slightly more and takes up only slightly more space and is in­fin­itely more com­fort­able than ab ivy, es­pe­cially when it’ s cold and wet out­side .”

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