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Great Canadian Gravel

You won’t find these places with your navigation apps

- by Dean Campbell

Riders from eight regions across the country reveal the best bumpy routes

Canadians l ooking to get off the paved path have no shortage of gravel options. In fact, we’re spoiled for choice. The challenge isn’t so much finding an unpaved route, but to pick a great one. Not only must it have a mix of good surfaces and challengin­g conditions, but great views as well. You’ll need to keep fuelled, so cafés, bakeries, general stores and breweries factor into the making of a great gravel route. And shouldn’t the degree of adventure also be a considerat­ion? Yes. Yes, it should.

Here, experts from across the country give you the skinny on riding not-so-skinny tires in their regions. You’re sure to find just the place to head to this summer for an excellent adventure.

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