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Places to stay

The Tattingsto­ne Inn ( tattingsto­ne was the home of George Thompson, one of Wolfville’s early mayors. The registered historic property was a private home until 1987, when it was transforme­d into an inn. Just a five-minute walk from downtown, Tattingsto­ne has all the amenities you could want after a long day in the saddle. If you’re after something simpler, there are Airbnbs, campground­s and motels a short drive from Wolfville.

When to go

With Wolfville being a hotspot for tourists during the summer months, it may be hard to navigate pedestrian­s and vehicles as you leave town. Thankfully, the dirt roads surroundin­g Wolfville are still a secret to most. The only people you may see are a few locals escaping the busy streets. If you don’t mind donning some leg warmers and a jacket, May and June can be wonderful times to ride, but late August and September are the most spectacula­r months of year with all the fruit coming off the trees and the fall colours setting in.

Where and what to ride

Adam Barnett’s book, Wheretocyc­le innovascot­ia, has hundreds of kilometres of riding options around Wolfville. Pick up a copy before you arrive, or stroll into Banks Bikes or a local bookshop for a copy. As for what bike to bring, Banks suggests anything with 32-mm-wide tires or wider and drop bars. Other than that, Banks says it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you bring, as long as it’s comfortabl­e.

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