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Randonneur Routes in Winnipeg


Gravel grinding has put a fresh face on randonneur riding. Long-distance routes that run on back roads in the scenic countrysid­e are staples to both. In Manitoba, you can check out the Gravel Parkway 200 route by the Manitoba Randonneur­s.

“Gravel riding is pretty new in Manitoba,” says Adrian Alphonso, founder of Clear Paths, where he leads bicycle rides from an Indigenous perspectiv­e. “But we certainly have a lot of gravel. Our province has a bunch of options to choose from, and people are creating new routes to ride all the time.”

The Parkway route qualifies as a 200-km brevet ride, and is largely gravel. This ride is tough. Although the route has been attempted 18 times, it’s only been finished on four occasions.

Riders looking for a rail-trail experience can explore the 193-km Crow Wing Trail. Part of the The Great Trail, Crow Wing leads from Winnipeg to the U.S. border. It passes through a number of communitie­s and features historical informatio­n about the first settler communitie­s that moved into the region.

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