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Northern Adventure in the Yukon


The South Canol Road, located about a two-hour drive southeast of Whitehorse, is perfect for a great multiday bikepackin­g option or a mammoth single-day ride. Unlike options farther south, there’s not much on the South Canol Road beyond two campsites and a highway maintenanc­e work camp. The road was built in the 1940s to develop a pipeline. It’s twisty, not particular­ly wellmainta­ined and, as a result, largely car-free.

“The South Canol Road is remote, even by Yukon standards,” says Anthony Delorenzo, who lives in Whitehorse and is heavily involved in the cycling community. “You’ll see plenty of wildlife, and you’ll want to bring bear spray.”

While the 230-km road could be done in a single day with vehicle support, Delorenzo notes that there are many mining roads that connect with South Canol, opening up even more opportunit­ies. “The camping spots are endless,” he says.

For a bigger adventure, you can create a loop using the South Canol Road, Robert Campbell Highway, Klondike Highway and Alaska Highway to hit a four-figure trip distance. Do check in with the Yukon Tourism office for greater detail on the South Canol Road when planning your trek. Depending on snow melt, the road is open from May to September.

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