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Unless the mercury is in the high teens, you should probably keep your limbs covered, until you get too hot, that is. The MEC Calefactio­n arm warmers A ($ 25, and Calefactio­n leg warmers B ($ 45) will keep you warm when it’s still a bit brisk out. Flat-lock seams and brushed fabric on the inside make each i tem comfortabl­e against your skin. Silicone grippers keep things in place, which, dear cyclists, is probably more i mportant at your biceps than at your quads.

The Bollé The One Premium helmet C

($ 220, is the brain bucket for winter. It comes with a thick liner that integrates with the straps. The vent cover at the front can push the cold winds up and around your head. Pop in the light into the back of the helmet for added safety.

When spring showers start to fall, the Sugoi Zap 2.0 helmet cover D ($ 45, will keep your lid, and your dome, dry. The waterproof fabric that fits over your helmet also features Sugoi’s Zap technology, which is highly reflective. Your commutes will be dryer and safer.

The Lazer G1 helmet E ($ 300, lazer, with its 22 vents, is a great, light and airy summer helmet. The Aeroshell, however, can make the helmet a bit warmer for shoulder-season rides. Of course, you’ll want to have that aerodynami­c help in the summer, when you are sprinting for the win.

These Shimano MW501 winter boots F ($ 250, were made for riding in the cummiest of conditions. Inside, a fleece liner adds warmth. The neoprene ankle collar seals things up nicely to prevent water from sneaking in. The Dryshield membrane and rubber outsole work to keep you dry. The upper is highly reflective when the light hits it just right.

Employ the buddy system with your fingers. (Sorry, thumbs. You’re on your own.) The Sugoi Zap Subzero split gloves G ($ 65,, with their lobster-claw design, pair up your digits so they can keep each other warm. You also have enough mobility to squeeze brake l evers while keeping a good grip on the hoods. An internal bladder in each glove makes it waterproof. The Zap technology reflects light to increase your visibility on the road.

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