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Celebrate World Bicycle Day. The United Nations set aside this day for our favourite vehicle because of its ability to advance healthy, environmen­tally friendly transporta­tion and to aid with developmen­t by getting people access to education and health care.


In 1965, the Giro d’italia created a prize for the first rider to crest the highest point in the race. The honour was named after one of Italy’s greatest cyclists, Fausto Coppi. The first Cima Coppi came on June 4 during a stage that featured the Stelvio (2,758 m). Graziano Battistini took the prize as he ran his bike through the snow, which covered the pass that day.


As the Nazis advanced on Paris in 1940, a couple fled on homemade bikes. In a sense, they were smuggling a monkey. By George, if you are curious about this tale, turn to p.8.


Tristan Lemire turns 16. In February, the young downhill rider joined Commencal/muc-off by Riding Addiction. Learn more about Lemire on p.72.


The summer solstice falls on a Saturday this year. We hope you can plan a long, safe ride in the sun.

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