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Sylvan Adams calls Paulo Saldanha a guru, a mentor and a mad scientist. Officially, the Montrealer is the performanc­e director of Israel Start-up Nation, in charge of helping riders race at their best. Saldanha has coached Boivin and Woods for years. In 2021, he began working with Chris Froome, helping the four-time Tour de France winner to explore new approaches to training and to continue his recovery from his crash in 2019. Roughly three years ago, Saldanha brought Vancouver entreprene­ur Kevin Ham into the fold. Today, Ham is a minority stakeholde­r in the team. When Michael Woods joined isun, Jon Adams came with him. The St. Catharines, Ont., native spent many years on EF Education/garmin. Before that, he worked with Boivin, Houle and Bauer at Spidertech powered by C10.

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