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Minerals, mountains and more landmarks, water in all its forms: 40 questions that will test the depth of your Canadian geology knowledge.


This is the essential Canada — everything that lies beneath our feet and in our oceans, from continenta­l tectonic plates and water supplies to glacial ice and the minerals and other natural resources we use every day. This geology themed edition of Canadian Geographic’s annual ultimate quiz was created in honour of the Geological Survey of Canada, which in 2017 — Canada’s 150th anniversar­y — will turn 175. The Survey is the nation’s oldest scientific agency, and it has a lot in common with The Royal Canadian Geographic­al Society, publisher of this magazine. RCGS founder Charles Camsell and many other Society Presidents and Fellows since have been Geological Survey geologists and surveyors. The Survey has shown us exactly what Canada is made of and how it all fits together. Let’s see how you fare on 40 tough questions about the country’s foundation­s.

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