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21 Around what per­cent­age of the world’s lakes are in Canada? a) 10 b) 25 c) 47 d) 60 22 Go­ing by sur­face area, how many of the world’s 10 largest lakes are at least partly in Canada? a) 2 b) 5 c) 8 d) 10 23 Which of the fol­low­ing sources do more Cana­di­ans rely on for drink­ing wa­ter? a) The Great Lakes b) Ground­wa­ter 24 Which are the only two Cana­dian prov­inces with no lakes larger than 400 square kilo­me­tres? a) Prince Ed­ward Is­land and New Brunswick b) Prince Ed­ward Is­land and Nova Sco­tia c) Prince Ed­ward Is­land and Yukon d) New Brunswick and Nova Sco­tia

25 How far do Canada’s off­shore bound­aries (its eco­nomic zone) ex­tend from the coast? a) 100 kilo­me­tres b) 100 nau­ti­cal miles c) 200 nau­ti­cal miles d) 500 kilo­me­tres 26 What record does Great Slave Lake, N.W.T., hold? a) Largest lake en­tirely in­side Canada’s bor­ders b) Deep­est lake in North Amer­ica c) Great­est wa­ter vol­ume of all Cana­dian lakes 27 A full 60 per cent of Canada’s sur­face fresh wa­ter flows here: a) South to­ward the U.S. bor­der and into the States b) East to the At­lantic c) West to the Pa­cific d) North to sub­arc­tic re­gions and the Arc­tic Ocean 28 What is the name of this fa­mously turquoise lake? a) O’hara b) Emer­ald c) Louise d) Okana­gan 29 TRUE OR FALSE The St. Lawrence River is home to the largest fresh­wa­ter archipelag­o in the world. 30 Which of these is Bri­tish Columbia’s Fraser River? (Hint: each op­tion is in rel­a­tive scale.)

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