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Natural Habitat Adventures offers two options for northern lights gazers. Aurora Domes are bubble-like structures made of clear Plexiglass positioned in complete darkness outside of town. Guests relax on sofas in the dome or step up to the upper level for an unimpeded circular view of the night sky. Take in the northern lights from panoramic wall-to-ceiling windows in the Aurora Lounge, the newest train-car style lounge from Frontiers North Adventures located at the edge of Churchill’s boreal forest. Once the lights really start to dazzle, snap a photo from the rooftop observatio­n deck. Food lovers will enjoy the Northern Lights and Winter Nights package, which includes an evening at Raw:churchill ( ABOVE), a transparen­t pop-up restaurant within the walls of a 300-year-old fort. Enjoy a meal prepared by one of Canada’s top chefs as the northern lights dance overhead. according to an Inuit legend, are the ancestors playing football with a walrus skull. In Norse mythology, the glimmering lights are the spears, armor and helmets of the Valkyries. There are countless stories around the world of these otherworld­ly lights that hang like fluorescen­t curtains in the night sky, and the real phenomenon behind the northern lights, or aurora borealis, is just as awe-inspiring. High-energy particles stream out from the sun toward Earth and collide with gases in the atmosphere to create the brilliant green, yellow and purple bands of light. Churchill, Man., is one of the best places in the world to see this amazing display. Situated beneath the Auroral Oval, a band of activity in the atmosphere circling each of Earth’s poles, Churchill sees the northern lights an impressive 300 days per year, with the best chances of seeing them from January to April. Here are some of the best ways to view the northern lights in Churchill. THE NORTHERN LIGHTS,

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