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This is North Dakota’s of­fi­cial state nick­name, which refers to a large com­mem­o­ra­tive gar­den that strad­dles its border with Man­i­toba. a) Unity Gar­den State b) Botan­i­cal Broth­er­hood State c) Peace Gar­den State d) Peace­ful by Na­ture State


Set in 1818, the border along the 49th par­al­lel did not ini­tially ex­tend all the way to the Strait of Ge­or­gia and the Pa­cific Ocean. Where did it end? a) The Man­i­toba-saskatchew­an border b) The Saskatchew­an-al­berta border c) Mid­way, B.C. d) The sum­mit of the Rocky Moun­tains


The border di­vided the home­lands of sev­eral First Na­tions, trans­form­ing tribal and fam­ily re­la­tion­ships, an­cient hunt­ing routes and more. What tra­di­tional ter­ri­tory is shown on this map? a) Iro­quois b) Ojibwa c) Black­foot d) Dakota


In 1844, soon-to-be pres­i­dent of the United States James Polk cam­paigned on tak­ing over all of Ore­gon Coun­try, a huge ter­ri­tory jointly oc­cu­pied by Bri­tain and Amer­ica that stretched all the way to Alaska’s south­ern border. What was his still-fa­mous cam­paign slo­gan? a) To Alaska and be­yond! c) Forty-nine is not enough! b) Fifty-four forty or fight! d) Sixty or here come the Yanks!


This per­son was prime min­is­ter of Canada when the 49th par­al­lel was first set as the Canada-u.s. border. a) Sir John Ab­bott b) Sir John A. Mac­don­ald c) Alexan­der Macken­zie d) There was no Cana­dian prime min­is­ter


This pop­u­lar Amer­i­can be­lief in the God-given right to ex­pand across the con­ti­nent gave Bri­tain rea­son to set­tle on a firm border in a hurry. a) The Amer­i­can Dream b) Man­i­fest Des­tiny c) New Im­pe­ri­al­ism d) Amer­ica’s Bur­den


TRUE OR FALSE The United States and Bri­tain orig­i­nally planned to di­vide their ter­ri­to­ries along the route of the main east-west pi­o­neer trail.


TRUE OR FALSE The 49th par­al­lel was nick­named “the Medicine Line” be­cause of the su­pe­rior British med­i­cal care avail­able in com­mu­ni­ties north of the border.


Which coun­try gained more land in 1818 by agree­ing to a straight bound­ary? a) United States b) Bri­tain


TRUE OR FALSE Hud­son’s Bay Com­pany was the first group to make a ref­er­ence to the 49th par­al­lel as a bound­ary.

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